• Driver meeting for the navigator and skipper before drive show is necessary – without participation, boat teams will not be allowed to participate, and participation fees will not be returned.
  • Every boat team member must use a safety jacket whenever the boat is on the move
  • Official Poker Run Pace Boat shall not be passed when the red flag is held up, speed is open on green flag. Common boating rules & regulations apply, also speed limits!
  • Any member of the boat team shall not be under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol test will be done before leaving to the route on Saturday at 11am. Limits for skippers and navigators: 0 per mil, for other crew: 0,5 per mil. No alcohol is allowed on boats or on the pier during Saturday 8am to 4:30pm, or until the event is over and the boats attached to the dock for the night
  • The event ID numbers should be attached to the windshield, or to both sides of deck
  • Every boat team must have a functional VHF or GSM phone on boat, in case of suspensions or interruptions communication. In all emergencies, first contact the Coastguard 0294-1000. Each boat team is obliged to help those in emergency as mentioned in the common boating regulations. Always save people first! in case of technical problems, please contact the organizer: VHF channel 16/VHF-DSC 79,
    Finnish Lifeboat Institution’s Trossi members’ service requests: 0800 302230
  • Skipper has to use an emergency boat stop system all the time for their own and others’ safety
  • Every boat team has to follow the route that is given in advance, and visit the rest areas as agreed.
  • On departure, the boats must follow the organization ordered by the organizer, meaning the fastest boats go first. The maximum amount of boats side by side is 4 boats, and each boat has to keep at least their own boat length’s distance to the next boat sideways. Distance to the boat ahead should be at least 4 times your own boat’s length (except when gathering to start area or on slow speed)
  • When arriving to area of slow speed, each crew member on boat must raise their hands to notify the boat team behind
  • Drive safely all the time by paying attention to the drivers behind when slowing down, and also the drivers on the sides when changing line.
  • All boats must have a fire extinguisher (2kg) and a towline (min 20m) on board
  • Every boat, skipper, navigator, or other crew members will attend the event at their own risk

Flag meanings:

  • Punainen = aja todella nopeasti johtoveneen edellä
  • Green: drive at your own speed
  • Black: Emergency, stop!
  • Yellow: Danger on the route

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